HR Software

Efficient and Flexible

Have access to company data anywhere, anytime, across devices with our secure, web-based Human Resource Information System HRIS and online cloud. Once the information is entered, it is sorted and stored into organized sections allowing for quick reference. Our API services make it easy to exchange data between our technology platform and other systems in real time, so it can be transmitted securely and efficiently.

Customizable Solution

Our customizable self-service interface allows all employees access to their personal information. With advanced security settings, managers can also view company reports and act on tasks such as processing payroll, approving time cards, and managing time-off requests. Complete your company’s brand experience by personalizing your employee portal with your company’s logo and information.

Automate and Streamline

Using our time and attendance software, managers can transform workforce labor data into accurate information enabling them to make real-time business decisions. Time data flows seamlessly from employee entry to the managers which eliminates the need for extensive manual processing. Configuring the system to a company’s unique needs lowers operating costs, increases accuracy, and decreases risk related to time and attendance processing.