Who we are?

PEOPLE is a full service, national innovator of Human Resources outsourcing solutions.  Founded by our industry’s pioneers, the PEOPLE leadership team has a combined 65 years of experience forging the evolution of HR Outsourcing.  Our primary objective is to provide a comprehensive HR service which allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business while we manage the business of employment.  Our wide range of services combined with our ability to reduce the overall operational costs of HR offer practical solutions designed to add measurable value.  PEOPLE was born from a demand in small business America for two critical business elements once unattainable- SKILL & SCALE.



Is derived by proven business processes delivered by professional depth and expertise.  Our staff is accredited in all HR disciplines and transcends efficiency while mitigating potentially crippling employer liability.  HR generalists & strategists, wage & hour authorities, tax compliance experts, risk management & loss control engineers, employee benefits specialists, IT architects & employment risk mitigators- PEOPLE extends your reach by delivering superior Fortune 500 level HR support services for less than you can home grow.  Our SKILL will increase your management team’s performance and improve your staff’s productivity.


Is the effect of executing an age-old economic strategy- Leverage The Law of Large Numbers.  We’ve assimilated the critical mass essential to extend economies of scale to our clientele.  Leveraging thousands of employees across the nation, PEOPLE achieves purchasing power in much the same way that Wal-Mart purchases wholesale goods then markets them retail for less than their smaller competitors can.  Simply stated- PEOPLE carries a bigger stick to the bargaining bench.  Negotiation strength coupled with exclusive loss sensitive programs available to large organizations conspire to produce an undisputed economic advantage in the procurement of insurance, finance and technologies.