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How can I get my Employees to use Company Benefits?

30.01.2015 in News

There are several reasons why employees refuse to use company benefits, but most of the time, they are just uneducated about the importance of benefits available to them. Employees need transparency and understanding of what benefits really mean. Here are some other reasons employees do…


Managing Dishonesty in the Workplace

23.01.2015 in News

I’m sure at one point in your career you have dismissed a call because you didn’t feel like “dealing with it” later tell the person you were handling something important at the time the call was missed. In reality, you were clowning around with another…


Never Too Experienced to Gain Knowledge: Acing an Interview

20.01.2015 in News

You have been a long-term employee at your workplace and you have a lot more knowledge than most other employees within your company. Your company pays you well, you even have great benefits, but all of a sudden your company is conducting layoffs and now…

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The Inside Story about Generation Y Employees

16.01.2015 in News

Let’s face it, employees can be hard to please, especially, Generation Y employees. Generation Y are considered to be individuals born between 1980 and 2000. Like other staff members in the workplace, Generation Y employees, know what they want, however, the difference is Generation Y…

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Feedback: How it Impacts the Workplace

15.01.2015 in News

Have you ever played a game of “Mother May I?” The “Mother” and the “Children” stand across from one another, one of the “Children” asks to take some sort of silly step forward (whether it be jump steps, baby steps, or whatever kind of step…


Workplace Drama: How to Keep Employees Working for You

12.01.2015 in News

Do you ever wonder why your workplace can’t keep employees around? Employees quit their job for several different reasons, but sometimes it’s because of bad management. If you’re a manager unaware of why your employees are leaving then maybe you need to work on a…


Dealing with the Political Aspect of the Workplace

12.01.2015 in News

We all know the workplace isn’t always the perfect environment, especially, when it comes to workplace politics. For some reason, the political aspect of the workplace has turned into a negative subject. Some of those reasons include: employees that brown-nose, deceit, and sometimes you may…

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What are Employers Doing to Change the Future of the Workplace?

08.01.2015 in News

Many changes were made at the end of 2014 to labor laws, technology, the additional ways employers are using social media, and so on. Moving forward into the transition for 2015, employers are ditching their old ways to better themselves for the future. What do…


Embarrassing Communication Regarding Employee Dress Code

06.01.2015 in News

We all have our own opinions about what is appropriate workplace attire. I’m sure you have ran into an employee that you think could have chosen an alternative outfit or hairstyle, because their clothes were too baggy or tight. Perhaps, a male employee had long,…