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Tips for Forming a Great Work Team

01.26.2016 in News

Wearable technology has been skyrocketing in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen some of your employees sporting new wearables that they received over the holidays. The goal of most wearables is to promote and track health and fitness. They are typically discrete, appearing to be nothing…

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The Basics of PEO

01.19.2016 in News

Many companies choose to use a professional employer organization, more commonly known as PEO, to streamline and simplify their HR processes. However, it can be difficult to make the transition to a PEO if you don’t really know what a PEO is or does. Here’s…

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Advantages of Human Resource Outsourcing

01.12.2016 in News

Many employers are turning to human resource outsourcing these days to help them manage the many nuanced HR tasks that are necessary to run a business. Perhaps you’re noticing that your HR department is struggling and feeling overwhelmed or maybe there’s been a drop in…

01.05.16 HiringIssuesToLookOutForIn2016

Hiring Issues To Look Out For In 2016

01.05.2016 in News

It’s no secret that the workplace has been changing rapidly. The employee pool is vastly different today than it was just a decade ago. The hiring process needs to change in response to these transformations in the workplace and among employees. Here are some hiring…

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How to Prepare for ACA Compliance

12.24.2015 in News

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is full of intricacies and nuance, and this often results in confusion and headaches for employers. You definitely don’t want to cut corners when it comes to the complicated requirements of ACA as this could land you and your company…

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The Perks of Privacy in the Workplace

12.18.2015 in News

HR professionals and managers are very familiar with the many new office trends that have come to the forefront lately. From banning chairs and encouraging employees to stand at their desks to daily yoga sessions, many workplaces have started to experiment in the ongoing effort…

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Utilizing Social Media Savvy Employees

12.11.2015 in News

Social media is a great way to attract the best employees. However, HR professionals and managers often overlook their best recruiters. Believe it or not, your best recruiters are your social media savvy employees. When the HR and management teams tap into the potential of…

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HR Tips for Keeping Employee Records

12.04.2015 in News

All HR professionals know that a big part of the job entails handling a lot of paperwork. Even though many of your important documents are probably stored electronically now, it’s still an important duty for the HR department to keep track and organize all paperwork….

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Writing Job Descriptions That Shine

11.27.2015 in News

All managers and HR professionals know that they need the best employees if they want to get the best results for their business. In order to get the most talented candidates, you need to have a compelling job description. Applicants look at dozens of job…

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Revamp Your Recruiting Strategy

11.20.2015 in News

The hiring process is very competitive these days. You want your company to have the best employees you can find in the talent pool but of course, so does every other company. For managers and HR professionals that have positions that need to be filled,…