Perfecting your Soft Skills in the Workplace

28.08.2014 in News

Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) is a variety of skills that consist of different elements and one must possess these skills to succeed in the corporate world. Two EQ skills needed most in business are soft skills and hard skills- both of which complement each other…

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Safety in the Workplace- When Everyone Else is Gone

28.08.2014 in News

Regardless of the reason, extended hours in the workplace are becoming more common and are often inevitable. People are putting in hours without even receiving overtime or other incentives. With these long hours people often feel unsafe or stressed when staying after hours, especially after dark. In this article you…

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What Struggles are your Employees Hiding?

26.08.2014 in News

Distinguishing roles in the workplace is easy- Managers guide and tell workers what to do and the workers do as they are told. Though this is nondiscriminatory, managers should be attentive to what their team says, as well. Often, workers have dilemmas that they do not want to directly confront you with…

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Help Employees Achieve Their Goals in the Company

21.08.2014 in News

Many employees appreciate the modern layout of the corporate world and believe it is far better than the traditional way of climbing through levels of the company to obtaining an executive position, but there are some that still have a hard time adjusting to the…

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Signs of Workplace Stress and How to prevent it

20.08.2014 in News

Many employees and employers are having a hard time completing deadlines and tasks due to insufficient time management which often leads to stress. This article is not only for those that have fallen victim to such agony but this information can be used as a…

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Stimulating a Safe Workplace Through Effective Hiring Strategies

19.08.2014 in News

Strong workers’ compensation programs mainly target on avoiding casualty. A commitment to casualty determent helps to protect employees, increase productivity and ultimately manage the total cost of an employer’s workers compensation program. An employer’s first step toward avoiding casualty is to ensure candidates are an…

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Be THAT Employee who Gets Recognized

13.08.2014 in News

Every employee wants to be recognized and acknowledged, especially those that are harder workers than others and aiming to please is what drives them, but there are often some things that we might be doing that we do not notice that prevents us from going…

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The Correct Way to Convey Downsizing to Employees

11.08.2014 in News

Downsizing employees usually have an annihilating effect on those who are let go as well as those who remain. Relaying messages to the employees about downsizing should be delicately outlined and carried out to reduce damage. There is never a great way to communicate about…

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Empower the Workplace Based on Philosophy

06.08.2014 in News

A great culture is built on consistency and authenticity. Some businesses have a head start in building great cultures because they’re free from bureaucracy, and everyone feels ownership in the company’s success. But if you’re a company hooked on checklists, you’re going to have a…

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Suppressing Displeasure in the Workplace

05.08.2014 in News

We all get frustrated at work and knowing how to deal with displeasure is not always at the top of our to-do list. But getting mad in the workplace is almost always a mistake- many things can go wrong. So what do you do when…

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