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Vacation Time? Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

18.05.2015 in News

You have worked hard all year, your vacation time is around the corner. Everything is planned out perfectly and reservations are made. You deserve it! But. The day cannot come quick enough. Anxiety is kicking in and it is starting to affect your work. You…


Onboarding: Strategies for Making New Employees Feel Welcome

04.05.2015 in News

It’s no surprise the hiring process is one of the most crucial elements to building and maintaining a healthy, successful workplace, but what about the process that comes right after – making new employees feel welcome, or to be politically correct, onboarding. Many employers are…


PEOPLE® Announces 2015 Workers’ Compensation Renewal with AmTrust

01.05.2015 in Press Releases

ATLANTA, Ga., May 1, 2015 (NEWSWIRE) – PEOPLE, Inc., a leading professional employer organization (PEO) that provides HR services to businesses nationwide, today announced that the Company has renewed its 2015 workers’ compensation insurance program with member companies of AmTrust Group (NASDAQ:AFSI). John W. Hardin,…

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Recruiting Someone that’s Been Fired Isn’t Such a Bad Thing!

29.04.2015 in News

There are lots of reasons why an applicant may be unemployed, along with the variety of reasons they may have been previously fired from another job. Just because someone is unemployed or fired does not make that person a bad employee, it’s, most likely, just…


Ways to Recruit and Keep Your Awesome Employees Around

22.04.2015 in News

Oh, the dreadful process of recruiting A-players! Been there, done that! However, keeping your top employees is the hardest. Every employee that you hire seems like the best fit for the position – sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t. Finding a balance and trying to…


Learning to Deal with Employees with Negative Personalities

17.04.2015 in News

Employers have to adapt to various situations in the workplace – that means learning to deal with the variety of personalities within the workplace as well. Some personalities are easy to manage and some are more difficult. As an employer, it is your job to…


38th Annual Italian Invitational

16.04.2015 in Community Events

Since 1977, the Italian Invitational Golf Tournament has generated more than $726,000 for local charities. This legendary weekend is the longest running charitable event of its kind in the Tampa Bay area! On Friday, April 17th, the Grand Ballroom at The Italian Club, Ybor City, will…


Toxic Leader Traits: Which Type are You?

12.04.2015 in News

Not all workplaces have awesome leaders, some leaders do more harm than good. Toxic leaders are just as bad as toxic employees, maybe worse. Leaders have to set an example for employees, but who wants a leader that is no good for the workplace? Think…


High-Ranking Staff Members vs. Employees: What do they really want?

30.03.2015 in News

When it comes to what’s important to higher ranking staff members versus other employees in the workplace there seems to be little difference. Obviously, everyone wants higher pay, but when thinking outside the “pay grade box” you will be surprised to learn what is employees…