Transforming Corporate Culture

24.07.2014 in News

Changing corporate culture can be a long frustrating process. Corporate culture and morale are interrelated, but take a moment to think of them as two different things. Morale is not always a corporate culture issue. Let’s say, a company has a bad financial quarter and…

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Preventing Employee “Chatter”

23.07.2014 in News

Employers need to give employees a variety of reasons to feel good about themselves, the company, their co-workers, as well as, the work that is done together. Preventing destructive chatter in the workplace requires overcoming employees’ natural tendency to focus on the negative. For many…

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The Importance of Focus for Employees

22.07.2014 in News

How is it that employees have less discretionary time and work harder than ever these days, even though technological breakthroughs have made us all incredibly productive? The average American work week has grown to nearly 60 hours, instead of a shrinking work week due to…

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Tips to Prevent You from Over-Managing Employees

18.07.2014 in News

When productivity declines, managers feel the need to over-manage their employees more than usual. However, over-managing employees is actually counterproductive, leading to decreased employee engagement and even lower productivity. Stop the damaging over-managing tendencies! Instead, leverage transparency to see what everyone is working on and…

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Error-Proof Retirement Plan for Employees

16.07.2014 in News

Employees tend to make the same retirement-planning errors repeatedly. Understandably, nobody is responsible for retirement planning strategy of every employee in the company. However, in cases where there is a company sponsored plan already in place, an employee is entitled to knock on Human Resources…

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Employers are Adapting to Social Media

15.07.2014 in News

Just a few years ago, not many people could have imagined the extent to which the Internet and social media now play a major role in our society. Employers have not been immune to the spread of this phenomenon, and many now use these technological…

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The Path to Becoming a Professional

09.07.2014 in News

Acquiring the perspectives, work place savvy, business etiquette and social skills to be competitive does not happen overnight. You have to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and work on them both. In this article you will discover a list of suggestions to help you be…

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Background Check Boundaries

08.07.2014 in News

Making the right hiring decisions for your company is critical to your business success. But getting it right isn’t easy. We all know the negative consequences of making the wrong hire – it can lower your team’s morale, hinder productivity, and even impact customer relations….

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Designing Workplace Inspiration

07.07.2014 in News

Is your workplace environment dull and boring or engaging and inspiring? Or is it somewhere in between? If your workplace isn’t consistently engaging and inspiring for employees, you’re leaving money on the table. Safe, inspiring work environments consistently out-perform workplace environment that are tense, frustrating and…

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Let the Past Go- It Can Ruin Your Future

02.07.2014 in News

Entrepreneurs work hard and accumulate plenty of errors and failures along the path to success. Chances are that on your way to where you are, there were some difficult times. Whether in your personal life or in your business, you will inevitably encounter fraudulent or…

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