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Strategies for Employees: How to Make the Workplace more Challenging

16.02.2015 in News

With diversity at its all-time high, workplaces are filled with a variety of employees – Employees who like predictable workloads, employees who want 9-5 work days filled with simple tasks. However, there are also employees who strive on extreme challenges; employees who want heavy workloads,…

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Feedback Strategies (Based on Inadequate Leaders) for Employees

11.02.2015 in News

When working for a company with a vast amount of employees, finding inadequate leaders can be a nuisance. The only people that can diagnose or point out inadequate leaders are employees. Leaders are always speaking about the importance of feedback, so is it okay for…

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Communicating with your Employer about Wage Increase

09.02.2015 in News

Let me guess, you are an overworked employee with an overwhelming workload and feel as if you deserve increased wages? Well, every goal needs an outline, and before you confront your employer you need a well-thought out plan. Employers always want to keep good employees…


Happiness: A Way to Win Employees Over

04.02.2015 in News

It may seem silly, but investing in your employee’s happiness is such a powerful element that cannot go unnoticed. Happy employees are motivated and productive, they are your company’s lifeline. What are some ways to provide happiness to employees? Employee needs should be a priority….


Mental Disabilities in the Workplace

02.02.2015 in News

Staying in compliance with employment laws is a delicate task for any employer. Accommodating employees with disabilities in the workplace is challenging enough, but when it comes to adjusting to employees with mental disabilities is even a more sensitive situation. Did you know under Department…

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How can I get my Employees to use Company Benefits?

30.01.2015 in News

There are several reasons why employees refuse to use company benefits, but most of the time, they are just uneducated about the importance of benefits available to them. Employees need transparency and understanding of what benefits really mean. Here are some other reasons employees do…


Managing Dishonesty in the Workplace

23.01.2015 in News

I’m sure at one point in your career you have dismissed a call because you didn’t feel like “dealing with it” later tell the person you were handling something important at the time the call was missed. In reality, you were clowning around with another…


Never Too Experienced to Gain Knowledge: Acing an Interview

20.01.2015 in News

You have been a long-term employee at your workplace and you have a lot more knowledge than most other employees within your company. Your company pays you well, you even have great benefits, but all of a sudden your company is conducting layoffs and now…