Negative Body Language in the Workplace

30.09.2014 in News

Communication is a necessary factor for building a successful workplace. However, no matter how outgoing you may be, communicating to coworkers can cause a lot of stress and anxiety- especially when talking to those you don’t know. How can you communicate the workplace without displaying…

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Bullying in the Workplace

26.09.2014 in News

Bullying, generally, does not discriminate- a lot of times you don’t get bullied because of your gender or race, but if you do, that’s illegal and you need to put a stop to it. Since bullying presents itself in many ways, how can you tell…

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Ways the Affordable Care Act can Benefit Employers and Employees

23.09.2014 in News

Obviously, healthcare isn’t everyone’s favorite topic due to the political views and dreadful costs, however healthcare does present a few advantages. As you further read this article you will discover several ways of how The Affordable Healthcare Act benefits companies. Unfortunately, there is no denying…

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Keep Your Employees Happy to Increase Productivity

18.09.2014 in News

Minimal engagement in the workplace is a hidden risk that many employees are not aware of.  Employees think their job is to come to work and fulfill their duties. Many are not happy with their place in the company and often become detached. What employees…

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Leading Employees by Example

17.09.2014 in News

Inspiring others can be challenging, but its rewards are even greater. Lead by example is the best way to start. Here are some techniques to being a successful leader that you may be overlooking: Respect your employees The way you treat your employees, will reflect…

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Strategies for Hiring Remote Employees

16.09.2014 in News

A lot of businesses are resorting to technology based companies instead of the normal office environment. Even though there are some advantages to online employment, like flexibility, finding and recruiting employees on the internet is a challenging and risky task. Following some of these strategies…

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Strategies for Effective Meetings with your Employer

15.09.2014 in News

Meetings are tough for employees, especially with managers. Having a strong, interactive relationship with your employer can definitely take the edge off. As an employee, it is your job to be prepared for these meetings to get the point across. Knowing your role in meetings…

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Running a Professional Company

12.09.2014 in News

What does professionalism mean? In a business setting, professionalism is how you present yourself, your behavior, how you communicate with others, how you fulfill obligations and tasks, etc. The list goes on. Everything you do reflects how people perceive you. How can I incorporate professionalism…

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