Human Resource

Human Resource Company: An Employers Best Friend

26.11.2014 in News

Owning your own company is a daunting task. You’re over your head in paperwork, exhausted with finding and hiring the right employees, and learning and following the legal obligations to remain in compliance with rules and regulations of running a business and its employees. Many…

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human resource

Improving Human Resource Hiring Strategies

19.11.2014 in News

There are many websites where a Human Resource company – or any other company –  can post their available job opportunities (i.e. Indeed, Glassdoor, and Simply Hired), but with so many cliché websites it’s important for Human Resource companies to keep up with the competition….

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Social Security

Social Security: Hidden Advantages

17.11.2014 in News

With the recent changes in Social Security many retirees have a hard time keeping up with the political transformations of what is actually changing and how it is going to affect them or help them. Social Security monthly payments are rising, but so are the…

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employee, resume

Hiring Perfect Employees with Imperfect Resumes

12.11.2014 in News

The first step to becoming an employee is applying for a position and submitting a resume. Many employers base their hiring decisions on resumes submitted by potential candidates. A candidate may possess the crucial qualifications necessary for the applied position, but has there ever been…

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Disciplining an Employee Caught in the Act

10.11.2014 in News

Every manager and employee knows there are several ways for communicating in the workplace- email, telephone systems, face-to-face talks, but, believe it or not, some workplaces rely on instant messaging when communicating! Strange, right? Of course the messaging between employees are being monitored by managers….

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Common Misunderstood Employment and Labor Laws

06.11.2014 in News

As an employer it is your responsibility to know what the statutes are on employment and labor laws. There are several employment and labor laws that employers overlook every day, resulting in huge mistakes. What are some employment and labor laws that employers must be…

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Human Resource

Human Resources: To Report or Not to Report

04.11.2014 in News

Being an employee is tough, especially, when you have an issue that you can’t fix alone. You have been told to follow the chain of command when it comes to resolving problems. What if the chain of command doesn’t help resolve a problem you are…

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Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace

30.10.2014 in News

It’s that time again, a company filled with candy and costumes. One of the busiest parts of the year for office parties and enhanced employee interaction within the workplace. An opportunity for employees from different departments to interact and get to meet on another. While…

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Supporting Innovation in the Workplace

29.10.2014 in News

We all have the ability to learn how to be innovative. It’s about being in the right environment to make it happen. Companies that are serious about innovation will create work environments that support learning. What are some ways companies can support innovation in the…

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