Sick woman at work drinking coffee

Preparing Your Workplace for Flu Season

11.06.2015 in News

As the holiday season makes its way back to us, so does flu season. Flu season is dangerous for businesses since about 111 million workdays are lost, which ends up costing around $7 billion in paid sick days and loss of productivity. These figures, taken…

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Why Millennial Employees Keep Quitting

10.28.2015 in News

The workplace is in a unique position when it comes to the pool of current employees and candidates. Today’s workforce is made up of five generations of Americans, a rare and sometimes challenging situation for employers, managers, and HR professionals. As employees of older generations…

Resume crumpled up and tossed in frustration

Why You Should Keep Resumes and Applications

10.21.2015 in News

To some HR professionals and managers, tossing out application materials from rejected candidates might not seem like a big deal. If a candidate didn’t impress you or doesn’t fit the bill for any of your open positions, why bother holding onto their material? However, a…

Stock Traders In A Meeting

Make the Most Out of Meetings

10.14.2015 in News

Meetings are a regular part of the workplace. As the end of the year gets closer it seems like there’s always another meeting being put on the schedule. Although meetings can be a great way to share ideas and keep everyone updated and on the…

Visionary employee thinking of development

Hidden Cognitive Biases and HR

10.07.2015 in News

As much as we might want to believe it, we’re not always the objective and rational decision makers that we like to think we are. Our hidden cognitive biases often come into play in the workplace and HR professionals are certainly not exempt. Here’s what…

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Encouraging Engagement at Work through Job Ownership

09.28.2015 in News

An important function of HR and management is fostering engagement at work. This can be done in many ways, including emphasizing job ownership. Everyone likes to feel that they have a purpose and when employees feel like are doing meaningful work, they are more productive…

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What a Great Office Looks Like

09.23.2015 in News

For many years, the HR department used to be primarily about employee engagement, performance alignment, hiring, and retention. In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals actually have a lot more to do with creating a workplace environment that employees love, a workplace environment that motivates…


Common Mistakes to Avoid when Giving Feedback

09.17.2015 in News

Giving feedback to employees is a very important skill that HR professionals and individuals in management positions need to master. It might seem like a very simple act but believe it or not, it’s very easy to make mistakes when giving feedback. In fact, giving…


Current HR Trends and Where HR is Going

09.10.2015 in News

HR is constantly growing and changing to keep up with a workplace that is transforming at every turn. Study after study strives to pinpoint current HR trends and what path HR will take in the near future. There’s no surprise that HR trends are currently…