Avoiding Depression in the Workplace

20.10.2014 in News

Depression is the last thing employers think about when it comes to improving their workplace. Workplace depression is a serious challenge. The dramatic decline in productivity and absent days that at work add up after a while, not to mention the negative effect depressed employees…

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human resource, metrics

Human Resource Metrics: Do you know what it means?

18.10.2014 in News

Numbers are far beyond addition and subtraction in the business world, especially in the human resources industry. Human resource departments refer to their numbers as metrics. Metrics is a breakdown of all numbers that are associated with employees, employers, employee benefits, etc. Many people have…

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Outsourcing Payroll: The Best Solution for your Company

13.10.2014 in News

There are many elements to think about before hiring employees to work for your company- • How will your company meets the expectations and responsibility of paying taxes for these employees? • Will your company meet state, local, and federal taxes on time to avoid…

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Motivation, Employees

Do your employees lack motivation- How can you fix it?

09.10.2014 in News

Keeping your employees happy is the number one solution to productivity in the workplace. If your employees are happy, you are happy, and business is booming. You know that employees desk you passed five minutes ago that gave you a smile, but then not even…

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Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act- It is finally working!

03.10.2014 in News

It wasn’t that long ago when Americans were denied health insurance coverage- unfortunately, most were denied because of pre-existing conditions. It also wasn’t that long ago when Americans weren’t able to even afford insurance because premiums were so high. When the Affordable Care Act (ACA)…

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Negative Body Language in the Workplace

30.09.2014 in News

Communication is a necessary factor for building a successful workplace. However, no matter how outgoing you may be, communicating to coworkers can cause a lot of stress and anxiety- especially when talking to those you don’t know. How can you communicate the workplace without displaying…

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