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Managers Should Leave Words for Performance Reviews

17.12.2014 in News

It’s undeniable that managers have conversations amongst one another when they aren’t around staff members. They talk about things, such as, employee performance, projects and company deadlines, but what happens if an employee overhears managers talking about a subject or another employee in a manner…

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social security

Statistics Revolving Social Security

15.12.2014 in News

Social Security has always been a popular topic, because many people solely rely on Social Security benefits to live and “get by”. Recently, there has been several changes to Social Security benefits that have left some people concerned and, unfortunately, though the changes may be…

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employee, engagement

The 101 about Employee Engagement

12.12.2014 in News

Employee engagement originates from each individual that donates something to the workplace. Individuals that brings wisdom, experience, innovation, and creativity influences employee engagement. Staff members that are motivated and love their job also play a huge role in employee engagement, even when it’s stressful. What…

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employee, technology

How can Human Resource Technology Help Employees

10.12.2014 in News

Technology is forever changing, however, human resource departments never fail to keep their technology up-to-date. Human resource departments have access to the most recent technology for payroll and benefit programs, but do human resource departments offer tools to employees and managers for informational or feedback…

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Changing Perception in the Workplace

08.12.2014 in News

Gaining the trust of employees is not easily done. Employees look to each other for guidance in the workplace, so, how you speak and work can alter the way other employees perceive you. Influencing employees in the workplace is the most rewarding achievement and can…

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Minimizing Overtime in the Workplace

03.12.2014 in News

What’s the deal lately with employees and overtime? Why are employees taking advantage of employers and what can employers do to stop this? Important message for employees: The only overtime that is okay, is overtime that is authorized. Unauthorized overtime puts more money in your…

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You’re Not the Boss of EVERYTHING: Employee Medical Rights

03.12.2014 in News

Companies are always searching for new ways to save on business expenses, especially when it comes to medical coverage. New cases have been pointed out that companies are trying to deter ill employees from employer-based medical programs to medical coverage plans outside the company due…

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Recognition in the Workplace: A Modern Way to Say Thank You

28.11.2014 in News

There are many traits that make a workplace successful – teamwork, innovation, proper budgeting, workplace culture, organization, and communication. A workplace that possesses all the necessary traits is a great company to work for, but the trait that many companies lack is recognition. Managing a…

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Human Resource

Human Resource Company: An Employers Best Friend

26.11.2014 in News

Owning your own company is a daunting task. You’re over your head in paperwork, exhausted with finding and hiring the right employees, and learning and following the legal obligations to remain in compliance with rules and regulations of running a business and its employees. Many…

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