5 Reasons You SHOULD Give A Notice

17.04.2014 in News

Some people may think that giving a two weeks’ notice before quitting isn’t beneficial to them, and perhaps they may even think it’s pointless. But truthfully giving a notice is the right thing to do. We understand that if you’ve been fired the company doesn’t…

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Why You Shouldn’t Play Favorites With Employees

16.04.2014 in News

Many managers will have favorites in the workplace just as co-workers will have favorite co-workers, etc. However, when we get to a management level the favoritism should stop. While this may not being going on at your company a recent survey states that 43% of…

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3 Things Not to Do On Your First Day

15.04.2014 in News

The first day of a new job is always very stressful, there’s learning new routines, meeting new people and really trying to look at the opportunity in a positive manner, seeing it as a new opportunity. The first few days on the job are equally…

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Surviving That Vindictive Boss

10.04.2014 in News

There are so many stories always circling around the workplace as to who has favorites and who the boss really dislikes. And though some of the stories aren’t true at all, some may be very true. We’ve all made those mistakes of talking back or…

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5 Signs You’re Ready for Promotion

09.04.2014 in News

It’s important to know how well you’re progressing at your job, and it’s even more important to know when you’re ready for a promotion. You have to keep track of your skills and successes that you couldn’t have bragged about previously. Simply sitting around waiting…

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Overtime Pay

08.04.2014 in News

Many employers find it difficult to accurately calculate overtime due to complex calculations and changing regulations. The burden falls on the employer to properly classify an employee (as exempt or non-exempt) and provide compensation in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to…

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Accountability in the Workplace

03.04.2014 in News

Personal accountability in the workplace is a very important characteristic to hold. It’s important that we speak up when we’ve made a mistake and we learn to face consequences when necessary instead of pointing a finger at an innocent bystander. Accountability can include anything from…

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4 Reasons for Hiring A Payroll Company

02.04.2014 in News

There are several things a new company will need to place on their to-do list such as selecting a prime location, acquiring a tax ID number and payroll services. Through that messy long list at the top you should place payroll services. Why you ask……

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Benefits of Team Building

01.04.2014 in News

Team building has always been used as method of creating a stronger bond between employees, but have you ever thought that team building really had excellent effects on companies? Well truthfully, it does. Whether you’re doing a week long retreat or a 30 minute team…

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Reinforcing Company Culture

27.03.2014 in News

Strong companies have more than just intelligent employees with interests only reaching success in business. Strong companies also carry diversity in their culture and they’re accepting of new ideas. However, diversity isn’t any easy thing to come by. Each day companies are faced with a…

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