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What a Great Office Looks Like

09.23.2015 in News

For many years, the HR department used to be primarily about employee engagement, performance alignment, hiring, and retention. In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals actually have a lot more to do with creating a workplace environment that employees love, a workplace environment that motivates…


Common Mistakes to Avoid when Giving Feedback

09.17.2015 in News

Giving feedback to employees is a very important skill that HR professionals and individuals in management positions need to master. It might seem like a very simple act but believe it or not, it’s very easy to make mistakes when giving feedback. In fact, giving…


Current HR Trends and Where HR is Going

09.10.2015 in News

HR is constantly growing and changing to keep up with a workplace that is transforming at every turn. Study after study strives to pinpoint current HR trends and what path HR will take in the near future. There’s no surprise that HR trends are currently…


Creating a Successful Employee Recognition Program

09.01.2015 in News

Not many people talk about or give thought to employee recognition programs. It can be tempting for HR to just let their current program keep going indefinitely, without any improvements or tweaks. After you’ve had one employee recognition program in effect for a while, HR…


When HR Professionals Should Use Data Vs. Intuition

08.26.2015 in News

HR takes a lot of nuance in order to be an effective department that keeps the workplace in proper order. Sometimes HR matters require intuition but other times you need data and numbers. Some HR professionals prefer to go by gut instinct and sometimes this…

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How Employee Wellness Leads to Success

08.20.2015 in News

Employee wellness hasn’t always been a top priority in business. Whatever internal issues an employee might be dealing with was thought to be totally separate from business. It wasn’t until the past few decades that caring for and paying attention to employee wellness became a…

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Things to Keep in Mind about the Americans with Disabilities Act

08.14.2015 in News

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Despite ADA being in effect for so long, there is still a lot of confusion and misconceptions about the law. Here are a few things to keep in mind about ADA and your employees…

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Creating a Training Program for Sales

07.28.2015 in News

New sales people as well as veteran sellers can benefit from a solid training program. Most people are naturally motivated to keep getting better at their jobs in order to achieve career growth and creating a training program for sales is a great way to…

Arguments Between Coworkers

HR Tips for Handling Employee Complaints

07.21.2015 in News

When a diverse group of people with different personalities, habits, and perspectives come together in the workplace, there is bound to be some conflict which can result in employee complaints. HR’s ultimate goal is to help the business and one of the best ways to…